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Springtime is a popular time for falling in love and getting married. Because of the new season and the blooming flowers and plants, many couples decide, that spring is the best wedding time.

In any case you can not rely on good weather in springtime. The reason for choosing spring for a wedding it might be that this season is full of spirits and energy.

The nature is awake and most of the flowers are starting to bloom. This gives the wedding a natural charm.

To make spring wedding special for you, here are some ideas to consider:

Indoor or outdoor wedding?

If you are planning your wedding outdoor, spring will be the ideal time, when the weather is good. However, you can not trust the weather or weather forecast.

Of course, springtime is the best time of the year for having an outdoor wedding, because of the fresh growing green and flowering plants. The wonderful flora will give you the nature decoration for an outstanding romantic outdoor wedding.

The location for your wedging can be in your parent’s garden, a public park or any beach. The best planned outdoor wedding is, when you have an indoor alternative on hand.

Which color?

The color is an essential part of spring. You can make spring part of your wedding theme. Use spring flowers for your table decoration; send invitation cards with spring design to your guests.

You can use bright colors. Also the combination of yellow and green is getting more popular. The choice of the right color will make a spring wedding memorable.

Today’s some brides a not aware to have a hint of color in their wedding dress – be it a light green sash or an allover hint of yellow. Colorful dresses look great on a spring day.

What to wear? For springtime you will find a lot of classic pastel bridesmaid dresses. Choose spring flowers for your bouquets, which are matching the spring theme.

Men are looking smarter in tan suits, a colored shirts and well styled ties. The bride should choose a wedding dress with long sleeves, because it can be colder on the day, then expected.

When dressing for a spring wedding, keep in mind that the weather can be tricky. You may have the plan for temperature extremes.

What to cook?

Your menu can be also stay on the spring theme. A light spring soup with rice and seasonal vegetables will be a fantastic starter.

Fish or chicken breast with young vegetables such as baby carrots, asparagus and new potatoes, are the best for a light wedding meal.

End your Menu with fresh seasonal fruits, such as strawberries, rhubarb and apricots are delicious at this time of year.

What favors are the best?

If you consider giving favors on your wedding day, look to buy seasonal spring gifts. For example give favors of seed packets, with words on: “Thanks for supporting the growth of our love.”

If you want to get some cheap wedding favors, shop at the $1 stores. There you will find seasonal items, useful for your guests favors.

Spring is a wonderful time for the new adventure that a wedding brings. Spring is the time of rebirth and renewal.

Enjoy your marriage in the most exiting time of the year, by having a spring wedding.


Paul Easton

Spring Wedding Ideas

How romantic can a beach wedding ceremony be? What better way to say ‘I love you’ than with the sand running between your toes? It’s all true; a beach wedding is beautiful, romantic and picturesque. But beach wedding ceremonies have their problems too.

So where are you intending to have your beach wedding? Is it a Caribbean beach wedding or a Hawaii beach wedding or maybe your intending to have a Florida beach wedding? It doesn’t really matter which divine tropical location you’re going to have your ocean theme wedding at, they all have one thing in common. They are all warm to hot and that can play merry hell with your choice of beach wedding clothes.

It’s not much good wearing a really beautiful gown only to have hideous wet marks from heat induced sweat ruining the look and all the beach wedding photos. So wear something appropriate and pick the cooler morning or late afternoon for the beach wedding ceremony. Wear something light and loose in natural materials, for instance cotton, and for the men (who sweat more) suggest under vests to absorb the sweat and keep them feeling cooler and dryer during the beach wedding.

Wind And The Beach Wedding Ceremony

Remember that a beach wedding is an outdoor wedding and therefore you are at the mercy of the elements. Mostly in the tropics, they are at least predictable and can be worked around. For instance remember it may well be windy so don’t have things that are easily blown around as part of the dcor of your beach wedding. And make sure that things like the centre pieces are heavy enough to stay where they are put. Use lovely heavy glass vases or add a layer of sand inside the containers to increase their weight. And you can outline the path to your beach wedding ceremony with stones or sea shells to give even more of a marine feeling to your beach wedding.

And don’t forget to be prepared for the worst. Just in case the weather should turn to rain have a back up room in the venue which you can use so the wedding can happily proceed. Make sure the guests are fully informed of what is happening before the time arrives.

The Unity Sand Ceremony

Another beach wedding idea is to have the more traditional Unity Candle Ceremony replaced by the Unity Sand Ceremony. At your beach wedding, you can even scoop up the sand at your feet to use in the ceremony and as a permanent souvenir of the glorious beach where you had your beach wedding ceremony. It also solves the problem of the wind blowing the Unity Candle out.

The Unity Sand Ceremony is a ceremony a couple of minutes long during which the bride and groom pour sand into a Unity Vase from a separate container each and is really well suited to a beach wedding. This symbolizes their two separate lives coming together, being joined and continuing on as one. It is a simple, beautiful and heart felt ceremony. Other family members, particularly children of the couple, are also able to join in and feel part of the beach wedding ceremony.

The beach wedding site can be pretty noisy with wind, surf, birds and maybe other happy people if you are on a public beach. So ensure that there is some kind of public address system so you can be heard taking your vows.

Soft Sand and High Heels

Soft sand can be difficult for the elderly or disabled to walk on. And it can be a real challenge for high heels. For yourself consider sandals or bare feet for your beach wedding, it’s wonderful feeling the sand squidging up between your toes. And for your guests, seriously consider getting some flooring for the seating and tables to prevent them from sinking into the sand.

Keep the beach wedding theme flowing through the food you serve. Use sea shells or abalone shells to serve seafoods in. Have a Hawaiian pit roast or a BBQ instead of a ‘normal’ meal. And for the cake have it laced with dark or heavy rum as they do in the West Indies.

We may have made the idea of a beach wedding sound as if it has insurmountable problems. But this is not really so. At least no more so than any wedding has challenges to overcome. With a little planning your beach theme wedding can be a true highlight of your life.

When planning a wedding, using a Weddings Directory can be a great idea. However, there are some drawbacks as well. An Online Wedding Planner is an easy and convenient way to get help when planning your bid day.

One great thing about an online wedding planner is it provides software to the bride-to-be that will help eliminate all the online research couples normally have to do on their own, helping to eliminate hours of tedious work. These online wedding planners even offer brides a website where she can keep track of RSVPs (and where guests can go to RSVP, rather than send back a card), post pictures, and keep a virtual guest book. The couple can even communicate with guests via the site, to answer any questions they might have or just catch up with guests they have not seen in a while.

Another pro to a Wedding Ideas is that most of them come complete with a budget planning tool. So, couples can keep track of their expenses in real time, seeing what things cost and adding them up as they go along, allowing them to stick to the budget and eliminate any extra expenses before it is too late.

One more positive to a Wedding Planning Guide is that couples will find all the information they need, all in one place. There are links to vendors that can supply the dress the bride is search for, tips on etiquette, information on getting a marriage license or changing the bride?s name, and even makeup and hair tips for the big day. And, another great thing about them is that these sites are amazingly affordable (some are even free)?much less than you would have to pay a ?real life? wedding planner.

A downside of an online wedding planner though is that they sometimes lose that ?personal touch?. When you use an ?actual? flesh and blood wedding planner, she or he is there to answer your questions in person or on the phone, while a virtual wedding planner cannot do that. A ?real? wedding planner can interact with you, make suggestions and listen to yours. A wedding planner that is online cannot. However, there is support with an online wedding planner, most of them have communities for you to
give and receive feedback, and there is always someone to email. For those who like the personal touch, though, this may not be enough.

All in all, an Online Wedding Sites is a great option for those who are computer savvy and who feel comfortable making decisions on their own. If a couple has no idea what to do and really needs the help of a professional, a flesh and blood Online Wedding Planner is the best bet.

Among the most basic selections a woman will make when she takes the plunge is to pick her ideal wedding dress. This is a task that every young woman dreams of during her life. But don’t let the excitement and the stress of so long waiting with anticipation fog your judgement. In the end, the dress is just a dress, and must never be bigger than the happy occasion.

Something brides-to-be have to think about when shopping for a wedding gown is the comfort of the wedding dress. It’s a fantasy to look like a princess on your wedding day, though if the dress brings you extreme discomfort; or cuts off your circulation, obviously it’s not going to be worth the cost. The constriction might indeed cause you to faint. Imagine how unfortunate a story that would make! The wedding dress decision typically gets going months or even years before the wedding. It’s advisable for brides-to-be to look through the pages of wedding magazines, or to visit wedding shops. Just to give them an idea of the different types of styles of wedding dresses that are available. Brides-to-be also have to consider their body types.

It’s vital to get a wedding gown that looks good on you! You may need to try plenty of wedding gowns before you reveal that ideal dress that is the best for you. If you have allocated a considerable budget for your wedding dress, then you can often purchase a designer dress. The most popular name now when it comes to bridal fashion is Vera Wang. Wang is known for her perfect detailing, artisanship, and beading by hand. Her buyers for her wedding line include: J. Lo, Jessica Simpson, Uma Thurman and Mariah Carey, among others. On the other hand if you have no moneth to spare then you can certainly select from other designers. There are numerous places where you can purchase your wedding gown that shouldn’t cost as much.

Aside from the more traditional bridal shops, wedding dresses are also available in: thrift shops, discount shops, on the Internet, and even eBay. If you are shopping for on eBay, ensure that the measurements of the wedding dress are included in the listing. Also, the state of the dress must be looked into. double-check for feedback on that person’s profile, just to ensure that that you are working with a verifiable seller. But if a classic wedding is the theme you have in mind, then you might want to go for a vintage dress, maintaining this theme.

When shopping for a traditional dress, avoid discoloration, or stains on the dress. These might not be removed so easily. Check the fabric of the gown, stretch it out to ensure for stressing, or ripping of the cloth. Venture to buy a vintage dress that is manufactured before the 1900′s. Fabrics tend to deteriorate, and weaken over time. Extraordinarily aged vintage dresses might seem romantic, but they could not be ideal for use. If you clearly have your heart set on a specific design, but you find that that dress is too old to wear, or too costly, then you can always venture a replica wedding gown. Lots of retailers manufacture replica dresses. They craft wedding gowns based on specific aesthetics, or periods.

Some specialty wedding stores also focus on making look-alike wedding dresses, that look like designer wedding dresses. The large contrast being, that these wedding dresses are sold for much less. There are so many strategies a bride-to-be can go about in search for her ideal wedding dress. Looking for a wedding dress ought to be enrapturing and fun. So take care that you have ample time available to you before the big day, so this task doesn’t become anxiety inducing, and wearisome. Instead a prelude to the joy of the special occasion which is to become your future.

So your having a wedding. Are you ready? Do you have everything organized? Well if not I have compiled a list of all the things you need to take care of and the precise timing it should be done.

10-12 months before:

Announce your engagement
Arrange a meeting with both sides of the family
Decide on a wedding date
Discuss your budget with everyone involved in the wedding
If using a wedding planner ask around for recommendations and start the interview process
Look around for reception sites
Shop for your wedding gown

7-9 months before:

Choose a wedding party
Get your bridal registry started
Order your wedding gown
Select what type of food you are having and choose a catering service
Shop for bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen tuxedos
Hire a photographer and videographer
Choose your florist
Book your DJ or band
Shop around for your cake
Shop around for wedding rings

5-7 months before:

Order or make your wedding invitations
Hire your limousine driver or other transportation
Hire your best hair stylist
Compile a guest list
Start planning your honeymoon destination
Order your rings

2-4 months before:

Send out RSVP’s
Arrange your rehearsal dinner
Get fitted for tuxedos
Meet with DJ or band to discuss ceremony and reception music
Order bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts
Order your wedding cake
Order your wedding favors and place card holders

5-8 weeks before:

Decide on your makeup and do a quick check over wearing your headpiece
Make any alterations to your wedding dress
Call the clercks office to find out any special requirements for your marriage-license
Decide on any critical insurance information that might need changed

2-4 weeks before:

Confirm all the details with your DJ, florist, caterer and any other service you are booking
Decide on the seating arrangements

1 week before:

Give your caterer a final count of your wedding guests
Pack for your honeymoon
Split up simple tasks between friends such as transporting all reception and ceremony items
Write a nice toast

1 day before:

Take a deep breathe your almost there.

Author: Yolanda Nash
Wedding Day Countdown

wedding Photography plays a very important role in making your wedding day memorable and special.

Choosing the right photographer is just as difficult as choosing the type of wedding photography you want him to execute.

I suggest you first type wedding photography into your preferred search engine and look at some pictures, just to get a rough idea of what each type of wedding photography looks like.

You will find tons of pictures that seem to be quite different from each other, in terms of effects, colors, lighting and settings. How can it be? Well, there are three main types of wedding photography, thats why.

You may choose among classical/traditional wedding photography, fashion/contemporary wedding photography and the one that is most in fashion nowadays, photojournalistic wedding photography.

Whatever you choice, I suggest you find a wedding a photographer that has experience in executing the type of wedding photography you and your partner prefer and show him both the place where the wedding ceremony will be held and the reception party venue.

The reason why it is important that he sees them is because, depending on your chosen locations he will be able to advise you as to what form of wedding photography is best for you.

For example, if you plan on holding your reception party at a 5 star hotel or any other luxury venue, the photographer will probably suggest your opt for fashion wedding photography as those types of location are perfect for contemporary wedding photography. That is because most hotels and luxury venues are decorated with statues, fountains and have very spacious gardens. The lush grass combined with the water spilt out of the fountains creates the perfect conditions for contemporary wedding photography to be executed in the best possible way.

However, regardless of the type of wedding photography you choose, remember that there are certain moments your photographer has to absolutely immortalize, no matter what the form of wedding photography he is specialized in.

First off, he should take a few pre-wedding photos.

Wedding photography, in fact, is meant to give you memories of your wedding day, not only of your wedding ceremony and reception party. The photographer should get to your place early in the morning and start taking photos so that you have a souvenir of those exciting pre-wedding moments.

Now, if you would like to have a storybook of your special day, I suggest you opt for

photojournalistic wedding photography, which is very much in fashion nowadays.

First off, he should take a few pre-wedding photos.

Wedding photography, in fact, is meant to give you memories of your wedding day, not only of your wedding ceremony and reception party. The photographer should get to your place early in the morning and start taking photos so that you have a souvenir of those exciting pre-wedding moments.

The reason why so many couples prefer photojournalistic wedding photography to classical wedding photography and contemporary wedding photography is because the final result is usually very beautiful.

In fact, photojournalistic wedding photography, unlike classical wedding photography, has nothing to do with artificial looking settings, poses, fake smiles and group portraits. On the contrary, photojournalistic wedding photography aims at giving you a wedding album that looks nothing like a traditional album.

Reportage wedding photography is chosen by those couples who want their whole special day to be immortalized by a professional photographer who is supposed to stay in the background for the whole day, without even letting people notice his presence.

That is why reportage wedding photography produces such natural and spontaneous photographs.

Once you have made up your mind as to what form of wedding photography is best for you, do not forget to ask the photographer to take pictures before the ceremony, during the ceremony and the reception party. He should not omit anything.

After all, all forms of wedding photography imply pictures of the bride and groom, every single guest, the band, the chosen venues, the wedding rings, the wedding cake and so forth

Author: Alais Harry
Wedding Photography

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